Heated Bath Towels and Heated Robes

“I wish my club had these.”

Cres Cor Sport towel warmer



Heated bath towels provide a warm soothing feeling after a shower.


Warmer can be customized with legs rather than wheels.
Place in a framed-in alcove for a custom-fit look.

     Heated robes also exceed expectations by having a second unit and then removing the shelfs and adding a clothes bar.


available from
Boca Terry
‘Fore’ Supply


Towel Warmer 1
Towel Warmer switch

Towels Warmers


     “A less costly and increased towel capacity option would be to convert open shelf towel units into heated towel cabinets by adding glass doors, wire mesh shelfs, an electric baseboard heater and a 120 degree thermostat.”


Towel Warmer 3
Towel Warmer 2