“Clothes should not touch the bottom and wrinkle.”


     Simple with room to hang clothes. A second 3/4 deep shelf at top would be handy.


     Enough length and width for suits and extra clothes plus shelfs for shoes.


     Full size tall double wide lockers with English doors at Shaker Heights CC (OH).

TF-open-locker MHCC-open-locker

     Similar to above left locker but with two extra shelfs.

     Double width and double the annual rental fee but worth it.



7’ tall double wide with open storage for two pair of shoes side-by-side.

Suite-and-tape-measure02 40-inches

     40” minimum depending upon type of hanger and the space between the clothes rod or clothes hook to the inside bottom of the locker or to top of the first shelf from the bottom.



     Double stack lockers are common when space is limited but member satisfaction needs to be considered.


     38” from tip of hanger to bottom of jacket sleeve.


     Double wide shoe cubbies and a lock box at The Santaluz Club (CA).


     The idea here is to have a separate shoe locker where the attendant can place the shined street and golf shoes while the member can still keep the main locker locked; along with a separate key for the lock box. 
     A personal preference would be to have the shoe locker at the top rather than at the bottom. This would make it more convenient for both the member and the locker room attendant.
     Note that a 20” inside width locker will fit two pairs of shoes side by side.  6” inside height is recommended between shelfs.




SRCC-open-locker SRCC-lockers

     Electrostatic painting gave these metal lockers at Sunset Ridge CC (IL) a fresh look while carpeted shelf inserts can do the same on the inside; saving thousands of dollars. Only concern is that the natural oils in one’s fingers can effect the finish over time.



     Open space at top and bottom allows for additional fresh air flow and ventilation.

     Custom-fit carpet inserts can be of any color, make for an attractive look and are easy to clean.

IC-locker-cove IC-lockers

     Benches in front make for easy walk-thru and everyone has a place to sit!

  Open shoe shelfs make use of space below benches.


     Inside space below clothes rod extends completely to the floor.


     Space below bench can be used for a carryall bag and a vertical shoe cubby could be added on the left side to store shoes.  Toes would face floor and heels would stick up.



Doors below bench provide a neater look.

Seating for each locker.




Lighting above lockers enhances ambiance.




Quaker Ridge Golf Club (NY)



Wee Burn CC (CT)


Design and configuration is basically unlimited including inside lighting and electrical outlets.


Plenty of height to open the locker door without hitting shoes!



Minimum of 6” from carpet to bottom of locker door is good.


MeadowbrookCC top coat rod

     The placement of the upper right side clothes rod is very functional when hanging a man’s top coat or a woman’s dress.


     Extra tall with additional shelfs for shoes, a lock box and top to bottom louvered doors for ventilation.

BP-locker02 WCtowelendshelves02

     Features include top and bottom louvered vents for fresh air, lock box. shoe cubbie and plenty of room to hang clothes of varying lengths.

     End panel shelfs for towels and shoe bags are useful.  Bottom half can have a door with a shelf above for a towel drop hole. (see below)

locker towels with drop hole towels locker aisle

Towel storage and towel drops at end of each row anticipate needs and provide convenience.

ULGC-locker CogHillplaidcarpet03

     Charging outlet in each 7’ locker at the Union League Golf Club (PA).

     Plaid carpet at Cog HilL (IL) is warm, inviting and makes space look larger than it really is.


     Custom bench provides space for two extra pairs of shoes per locker.

Steve Chambliss
Colleton River Club (SC)
Locker Room Manager

     “Shoe cubbies provide the extra space needed when  our guests only have a pair of shoes to store.”


Carpeted bench with shelf.

RTJGC-bench BP-leather-bench

Leather benches are impressive and provide a soft sitting area.

CFdoorhook03 locker-hooks

     Hooks on inside of doors, rather than on interior sidewalls directly below clothes rod, keeps from interfering with  clothes on hangers. Another hook can be mounted on back wall at height of the clothes rod as seen in the photo on right.


   Pre-drilled holes for removal and placing.


     Mirrored end panel with ledge provides room for a lint roller, hand lotion, combs, hairspray, gel and tonic.


Options to consider:

     A cove of 1/3 over 1/3 over 1/3 size lockers or 1/3 over 2/3 size lockers will allow for numerous lockers when space is limited. A full size “Community Closet” locker spaced every 6 rows provides room for shirts, slacks, suit coats and golf jackets.
     Ordering with adjustable and removable shelves adds to functionality. Louvered doors provide better ventilation and a flat top without any decorative molding provides extra room for shoes to air out and for duffle bag storage. Although extra tall lockers provide more usable space inside; the extra height eliminates being able to use the top for storage.

     Members can be charged different prices for different size lockers. A complimentary guest greens fee can be offered to encourage yearly locker rental.
     Locker equity program finances the funding for new lockers. Members may later “sell” their locker at supply and demand price if so choose.



Open “Community Closet”



When space is not an issue.


     Club Champion designation adds a personal touch.



Edgewood Valley CC (IL)



TPC Sawgrass (FL)



Aronimink Golf Club (PA)
Their old style metal lockers are roomy and functional.
5’ high by 2’ wide by 2’ deep.
Shoe shelves are 10” wide.

     You can see over the lockers for an unobstructed view of the locker room.  Extra storage space on a flat top adds to the locker room look.  Can hang most clothes without touching the bottom and wrinkling. Includes vents, lockable door, space for member name plate, message hook on front of locker, inside lock box, shoe shelves, ball tray and towel bars.  Can be custom manufactured in wood as shown below.



     5’ high lockers provide a clear view of the entire locker room for security, service and sociability.

List Industries
(metal lockers since 1936)


     Wood version similar to that of the 5’ high metal lockers.



     The original metal lockers still look good and add a sense of tradition at Exmoor CC (IL).


     5 1/2’ high featuring a flat top without decorative moulding provides room for shoes to air out and extra storage space at Scioto CC (OH).



     A guest only locker cove near the shoe room makes it possible for the locker room attendant to have more efficient contact with the guests, provide them faster service and maintain privacy for the other members.
     Guest lockers can be various sizes such as full tall, 1/3 over 2/3 size or 3 rows of 1/3 over 1/3 over 1/3 with a full tall every 4th row.



     Guest only locker cove with 78 individual 2’ tall lockers (1/3 over 1/3 over 1/3 size) with large community closets on the right.


     “Photoshop” 1/3 over 2/3 size.  A clothes rod will be added in the bottom locker.


GCC-lockers-women GCC-locker-sizes-women

     Choice of sizes at different annual locker fees can satisfy space limitations and member preferences.

GCC-day-lockers GCC-open-day-locker

     Multi-stack lockers are useful as complimentary “day lockers” for those using the Fitness Center or golfing guests with few items; or can be rented annually by those not desiring a larger size.  A “community closet” for hanging suits, topcoats and dresses is featured on the left.




An extra large double wide sharable overflow locker in each cove helps on busy guest days.



Uneven double stack provides space to hang clothes without touching the bottom and wrinkling.



KTGC-locker corner-lockers

7’ tall at Keene Trace Golf Club (KY).

Corner lockers open towards the corner!

locker storage cabinet locker top shelfs locker example

Three examples of interior layout. The shelfs at top keep bottom view unobstructed.



Extra tall means more interior space if the club prefers to keep locker tops clear of shoes.

Baltusrol lockers


Unique metal screen inserts for ventilation.

Glenwild lockers02


Wyndham Grand lockers02


Wood stain colors and amount of vents are matters of preference.

Bridgewater Club lockers02


Mayfield lockers 102


A wise decision by Mayfield CC (OH) to keep the full size metal lockers and have them repainted.

“Their made in the U.S.A. lockers, featuring solid wood doors, have performed for years
 without problems at The Greenbrier. I’ve also seen them at many other clubs.”

“I have seen in-person at Kiawah Island Golf Resort their lockers;
 featuring unique designs in solid wood doors and wood interiors.”

Questions to ask when purchasing wood lockers besides cost to manufacture, ship and install:
1.   Are the doors solid wood or veneer?
       2.  How thick are the doors?
       3.  What does the staining process consist of?
       4.  Is the inside laminate, metal or wood?
       5.  Will clothes touch the bottom and wrinkle?
       6.  How is ventilation provided?
       7.  What optional features are available?
       8.  Will installation providet 6” of space from carpet to bottom of the door?
       9.  Can a sample finished locker be provided?
     10. Where are the lockers made?
     11. Recommend key locks or electronic (battery) locks?
     12. If electronic who programs/tests each before 4 digit choice?
     13. How long is the warranty and exactly what does it cover?
     14. What if the club is not satisfied with the finished product?
     15. Can the lockers be returned for a credit or refund?
     16. Why should we purchase from your company?
Customer service after the sale is also very important!