Public Restrooms
“Providing the basics and more if you like.”

     The minimum needed would be a soap dispenser for each sink, paper and/or cloth hand towels and Kleenex. Additional items to consider are hand sanitizer and hand lotion. Sinks below counter top reduce water splashing, as do auto-faucets and auto-soap dispensers but they can be annoying.  Drop holes in counter top helps maintain cleanliness.  A shelf over the sinks keeps items off the counter helping them to not get wet. Windows in public restrooms provide fresh air, although not always possible so exhaust vents are necessary.


     Auto-faucets and auto-soap dispensers reduce mess but can be annoying when not working properly.



   These reusable “drip mats” can be changed regularly, sanitized, sprayed off with hot water and dried for additional use.
     Available from
Consolidated Plastics.


   Faucet located closer to the sink can help prevent splashing of water on the counter.



Cloth and quality paper towels. Sunset Ridge CC (IL))


   These custom wooden dividers are both attractive and allow for privacy.