Shoe Room Floor Plan
with Heated Shoe Drying Closet
“An orderly flow in sequence.”

     The shoe room should be near the main entrance to the locker room with an open “greeting counter” for shoe drop-off and pick-up.  If centered between the lockers on the left and right side of the locker room it will make for faster service and unnecessary steps for both the members and staff.  A sink with hot and cold water is a necessity and left and right handed sprayers would be convenient. Having a flatscreen, radio and laptop allows the attendants to be able to keep up with the weather, sports, stock market and current events.  A heated shoe drying closet (see below) makes shoe cleaning and drying much easier and quicker; providing an exceptional service on those rainy days.  A washer and dryer is also a service oriented feature.  Loaner shoes and loaner shirts anticipate needs and can exceed expectations.



     Visible shoe room “greeting counter” provides convenient shoe drop off, pick up and return.  Marble counters (shown) and rubber work area counters are easier to clean than Formica.


pocket door
pocket door 2

     For those locking shoe rooms pocket doors allow for ease of entry without having to open the door each time when going in and out; especially when carrying shoes.



     Use cabinet shelfs as extra storage when doing shoes.

Shoe Slots:  6”h x 10”w x 14”d




light under cabinet

     Under cabinet florescent lighting provides better vision on the work counters.



     The compressor needs to be located in another room or in a basement to help conceal the noise.


     Greg Pfeffer, Locker Room Manager at Oakland Hills CC (MI), prefers using an air hose to clean spikes.


Shoe Drying Closet

     7’x7’x7’ as shown with two 4’ electric baseboard heaters, a 120 degree thermostat, circulating fan and optional exhaust vent.  Parts can be purchased at a local Grainger.         
     You can convert a closet or make your own shoe drying cabinet using only one 3’ or 4’ electric baseboard heater.  The exhaust vent is not necessary as opening and closing the door(s) will let out moisture.

Heated Shoe Drying Closet
Every club should have one!


116 degrees drying temperature is ideal.




     A guest only locker cove near the shoe room makes it possible for the locker room attendant to have continual contact with the guests, provide them faster service and maintain privacy for the other members.
     Guest lockers can be various sizes such as full tall, 1/3 over 2/3 size or 3 rows of 1/3 over 1/3 over 1/3 with a full tall every 4th row.




     Cameras at entrances with a monitor in the shoe room helps attendant view activity.



     Women’s “shoe-drop” from hallway into the men’s shoe shine area.