Supply List
“Shoe room tools of the trade.”

3 in 1 oil
409 spray and/or other spray cleaners
acetone/nail polish remover
alcohol (to clean marks/stains off white golf shoes)
Allen Edmonds matching color Premium Shoe Polish
aprons (with pockets) personalized with employee’s name and club logo
black, red and silver Sharpie pens
bleach pen
broom with dust pan
bulletin board
butter knife for removing gum
carpet sweeper
chalk for marking wet shoe soles
clothes washer and dryer
deglazer for dying shoes
dry marker bulletin board and dry markers
dry cleaning fluid
drying room for shoes/clothes or drying cabinet for shoes/clothes
edge dressing
drill with bits
engraving machine and/or label maker
fan (clip-on type)
fan (table mount)
fire extinguisher
first aid kit
first aid tape (different sizes)
first aid spray and ointment
florescent light attached to shoe polishing machine
foam brushes from WalMart to apply white polish
glass bowl with lid for white polish mixture
glue (SI 500) for replacing spinning spikes and shoe repair
Goof Off or Goo Gone
hidden keys
hole punch/paper/binders
horse hair hand held brushes for each color of polish
ice pick and other tools to clean golf spikes
leather/buckskin cleaners
leather balm
liquid saddle soap
lint roller
loaner shirts, pants and shorts
loaner umbrellas
locker keys
magic erasers for white golf shoes
master keys (each attached to a ring on a shoe horn)
member locker list/empty locker list/layout diagram of lockers
mending kit with buttons, needle and colored thread
mink oil
mop and bucket
multi-drawer storage cabinet/organizer
Neutral Lustre Cream by Angelus
old newspapers for stuffing shoes
plastic clothes bags from dry cleaners
plastic/vinyl bags for dry cleaning/laundry service
plastic boxes for used spikes
polish daubers
radio, TV and internet in shoe room
safety glasses
salt stain remover
SAS brand unscuffit liquid shoe polishes and shoes creams
scotch tape and packing tape
scrub brush to wash golf shoes
shoe bags (plastic and flannel cloth)
shoe creams
shoe polishing machine with ATCO adaptors for extra wheels
shoe dye (black, brown and white)
shoe glue
shoe horns
shoe ID labels
shoe laces (FootJoy brand)
shoe laces (sport type in round, oval and flat)
shoe laces (waxed/bulk)
shoe spray deodorizer
shoe stretch pump spray
shoe stretchers
shoe polish (Angelus, Kiwi and Lincoln)
spike wrenches
spoon for mixing personal white polish formula
spray bottles for water
spray freeze chewing gum remover
spray wax for lockers
sticky pads to hold shoe polish cans
suit bags with zipper
super glue
Tide pen
tool holder with peg board in shoe room
tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, long nose plyers and regular plyers
turpentine and bucket with lid to clean daubers
two way tape
utility knife to open boxes
vacuum cleaner
vandalism mark remover
water repellent
welcome business cards with space to write in guest locker number
white liquid premium quality shoe polish from Fore and/or Duffy’s
white liquid shoe whitener Kiwi brand from Fore and/or Duffy’s
white out correction fluid (smooth)
wire brush to scrap golf shoes
work gloves
work towels and rags (drying, trimmer and polishing rag)
yellow marking crayons

Additional Items

“Be prepared.”

Alka-Seltzer/Imodium/Pepto Bismol
bandaids (different sizes)
bee sting
Blistex lip balm or Chapstick
bug spray
cloth towels for golf course
clothes hooks
collar stays
contact lens cases
cuff links
daily tee time listings with names and guest locker #
eucalyptus oil for steam room (put in plastic logo spray bottle)
eye dropper
eye glass repair kits
eye glass wipes
first aid shocker
gin/bridge score pads
golf related books and magazines
hand sanitizer
hydrogen peroxide
iron and ironing board
magazines and newspapers
magnifying glass
memo pads with pens and pencils
paper clips (different sizes)
pens and pencils
pencil sharpener
phone books
phone number list
     (club extensions, local restaurants, country clubs, sports venues, limo service, dry cleaners, etc...)
playing cards for Poker, Gin and Bridge
poker chips and dice
safety pins
shoe cushion inserts, tongue pads, heel pads and toe pads
spray air freshener
state and local maps
straight pins
tie clasps
triple antibiotic ointment
tuxedo buttons and tie
TV channel list
wood hangers for pants and skirts