Welcome Gifts for Guests

“Guests feel extra special and the club makes a profit.”

     Welcome gifts are placed in each guest’s locker at the request of the member.  The program is announced beforehand to the membership by newsletter explaining the idea and showing the cost of each gift.  When a member makes a tee time for their guests the pro shop simply asks the member if they want a welcome gift for each of their guests. Over time the pros will know which members to ask and not to ask. If the member says yes the pro shop takes from their inventoried stock the specific welcome gift for each guest to the locker room and informs the locker attendant. The pro shop can also call the locker room and ask the attendants to do so from their inventoried stock. Some members might tell the locker room attendant to do so before making a tee time or on their day of arrival.  Either way the effort is coordinated between the pro shop and the locker room and the member is billed accordingly. The locker room and pro shop each maintain a display of the welcome gifts available but without a sign saying “Guest Welcome Gifts” as this could be embarrassing.
     Members might purchase the gifts for other purposes as well.


Contact your local Callaway rep.


Customize for your club!


Custom Engraved Cedar Shoe Trees



Astor Chocolate





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Create your own Private Label for Welcome Gifts
featuring your club name and logo!





Can be included with each guest green fee and placed in their locker before arrival.


     Metal or plastic name plates or luggage tags with the name of the guest and the club logo are also a nice memento and help advertise the club or resort!

Bruce-Barilla-Greenbrier-ln BB-Greenbrier-lnt-chain BB-Greenbrier-WSS-chain

Souvenir Key Chain Golf and Luggage Tags
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