Sink Amenities
A checklist of items.


   Clear plastic containers keep items organized, easy to see and are safer than using glass.


     Mouthwash unit.

___ Hand soap (pump).
___ C-fold quality paper towels.
___ Terry cloth face/hand towels.
___ Combs and containers for clean/used.
___ Blow dryers.
___ Hair spray (aerosol and pump).
___ Hair tonic.
___ Hair gel.
___ Hair mousse.
___ Deodorant (aerosol and pump).
___ Sunscreen.
___ Aloe Vera gel.
___ Hand lotion.
___ Razor blades.
___ Shave cream (foam and gel).
___ Styptic swabs.
___ Q-tips.
___ After shave balm.
___ Colognes.
___ Pre-pasted toothbrushes.
___ Dental floss.
___ Mouthwash and cups.
___ Kleenex.
___ Eye glasses cleaning wipes.
___ BAND-AID bandages.
___ First Aid Tape.
___ Amenity containers.
___ Bug spray.

___ Hair brushes.
___ Lint roller.
___ Eye solution.
___ Nail clippers.
___ Individually packaged finger nail brushes.
___ Individually sealed lip balm.
___ Tweezers.
___ Hand sanitizer.
___ Hot lather machine.
___ Chilled damp face towels.
       (in a small glass door refrigerator)

___ Perfume.
___ Curling irons.
___ Lighted mirrors. (regular and magnifying)
___ Hand-held mirrors.
___ Makeup remover.
___ Nail polish remover.
___ Cotton balls and pads.
___ Emery boards.
___ Variety of pins.
___ Static Guard.
___ Feminine products.

finger-tip-towel-fringed GeorgiaPacific 23000



The best C-fold paper towel!


11 x 18
fringed finger towel

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     Both quality paper towels along with terry cloth face and hand towels are recommended to satisfy the members.              This also reduces unnecessary usage of the cloth towels; plus saves money and time spent on washing and folding them.


hot lather machine

     Corian and Wilsonart enclosures.

Fore corian units

     Engraving is better than using metal plates.  Use for lotion, mouthwash and sunscreen. Helps prevent theft of individual items.


Wall Mounted
Hair Dryer
(direct wire)


Vanity-Tray Greenbrier-5-unit

     Also available with your custom silk screen logo in 4 or 5 middle openings + the 2 end bottles or in 2, 3, 4 or 5 center units only from Ready Care.