Standard Operating Procedures Agreement
“Explain and train so all remain.’”

Golf Locker Room Attendant
__ Be on time, work all scheduled hours, be flexible for shift changes and work overtime without advance notice.
__ Clean, neat, fresh appearance, appropriate uniform, shined shoes, visible name tag, finger nails clean and trimmed, hair cut, no beard and any mustache not over top lip.
__ Honest with integrity, motivated self-starter, not argumentative, trustworthy, respectful and easy to get along with members, guests and staff.
__ Nonsmoker preferred and no illegal drug use, alcohol or gambling problems. Willing to take drug test without advance notice. Alcohol use or gambling not allowed on the job.  Smoke breaks must be limited and only when no members or guests are in the locker room if working by oneself.
__ Theft is cause for immediate dismissal and possible legal action.
__ Attendant exhibits a sincere desire to provide service and quality work because of wanting to, not because of supposed to.  Exceed members’, guests’ and employer expectations while anticipating needs.  Service can be defined as not thinking of oneself and just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way. 
__ Avoid slang phrases, dirty jokes, silly talk, gossip, no horse play or coarse jesting. Proper use of English language is important with clear and understandable voice.
__ Erect posture and stand when greeting and talking with members, guests and supervisors. No folded arms in front of chest or hands in pockets. Exhibit common courtesy and good manners.  Although personal friendships will be developed with members, it is important to keep the employee/member relationship in tact without “crossing the line” by becoming too inappropriately personal.
__ Begin each day with a walk thru of the locker room to make sure there are no shoes left from the night before.  If so, clean and polish shoes according to club standards as soon as possible if not sure when members and/or possibly guests will return. Locker attendant is to have a daily tee time sheet which contains the names of members and possibly guest names, too.  If doable, front door personnel can also inform attendant by phone, radio or text message the arrival of members and their guests.
__ Check each morning at beginning of work day to see if locker room is clean, orderly and that all supplies are stocked such as bathroom, shower, sink and dressing area amenities plus shoehorns. This should especially be done the night before when the last locker attendant finishes his/her shift as well as by any night cleaners. The shoe room is the sole responsibility of the locker attendant.  It is inefficient to start out the day already behind.
__ At start of the golf season locker attendant will clean and polish all the lockers with the members being notified first in case any say no to going through their locker.  
__ The appearance of the locker room reflects on the work ethic of the locker room attendant. It is the attendant’s responsibility to continually keep the locker room clean, organized and stocked whether or not the club has housekeeping throughout the day. The club is a home away from home for each member. 
__ Locker attendant is to keep inventory of all stock items and report each week to his/her supervisor with a list of items needed for approval.
__ Locker attendant is to be visible whenever possible when members and guests enter the locker room.
__ Phone calls should be answered within three rings. Do not put a member or guest on hold without their permission and not for longer than 30 seconds. Take and deliver messages on time. Transfer calls when necessary providing details so members and guests do not have to repeat themselves.  Keep a list of club extensions, emergency numbers, local golf/country clubs, restaurants, limo service, local dry cleaners, etc....
__ Use Mr. and Mrs. or “ladies” and “gentlemen” when addressing members and guests; although certain ones may prefer to be called by their first name. Members should enjoy their locker room while their guests should look forward to coming back.
__ Guests should be made to feel welcome and at ease. Anticipate any questions they might have.  Walk all guests to their lockers (unless the member when present with them says otherwise), open their locker door for them and offer to do their street shoes.  If club has an unaccompanied guest policy explain club procedures to guests and if time permits introduce them to other staffers. The way the guests are treated is a reflection on the member. 
__ Most members will either leave their street and golf shoes in front of their locker or drop them off at the shoe room.  Attendant needs to make sure all shoes are picked up or at least offered to be cleaned and polished. Most members will not mind if you go in their locker and remove their shoes for cleaning and polishing while a few might not approve of this.  Normally, if guests leave their street or golf shoes in their locker the member will expect the attendant to take the shoes out for cleaning and polishing.  Street shoes are to be returned to the top of the locker, placed inside or put on the floor with heels against the locker.
__ When members and guests finish their round of golf the attendant is to greet them once again and clean and polish their golf shoes returning the shoes to their locker unless told otherwise. Guests will need their shoes to be placed in a shoe bag. Show appreciation, gratitude and hospitality.
__ Attendant is to agree to and abide by tipping policy and procedures.
__ Locker attendant needs to know hours of operation and policies for other areas of the club besides just golf such as the dining room hours, pool hours, tennis hours, etc....
__ Attendant needs to plan ahead for special group outings, club events and tournaments by making sure enough lockers are available.  If souvenir locker name tags and/or welcome gifts for each guest are part of the event the attendant is to have everything ready before any member or guest arrives. An alphabetized locker assignment list with each tee time/starting hole is a must for efficiency and service.
__ Attendant and immediate supervisor are to work together on making the locker room the best it can be for the members and guests and as efficient as possible for the attendant, with the sharing of ideas by either meetings or everyday conversation. 
__ Attendant is to direct his/her questions or concerns to his/her immediate supervisor. Members and guests should not hear problems or excuses whether legitimate or not.
__ Attendant is be trained in first aid, CPR and defibrillator use and know emergency procedures for the club.
__ Attendant is to watch for strangers in their work area and report such to club security.
__ It is understood that any employee who neglects or refuses to do his or her job will have to be replaced or dismissed.
__ This SOP can be modified from time to time as deemed necessary by club management. Procedures not listed are not necessarily meant to be excluded.  Attendant may be asked to help in other departments of the club from time to time if needed or during slow periods in the locker room.

     I agree to these Standard Operating Procedures acknowledging that I have read and understand it. Refusal on my part to sign this agreement and work according to these standards will disqualify me from being hired or to continue my employment. 

by Locker Room Attendant
by Club Manager